July 12, 2016
October 13, 2016
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In my work with large organizations in many different industries, I have often come across situations where fairly solid strategies still failed, despite the sincere intentions of the top leaders of the organization. Over time, a clear picture emerged: The existence of a good strategy in itself is not sufficient to make an organization successful. In fact, most organizations do not fail because of insufficient strategy, but rather because the people of the organization fail to execute the strategy. The secret of successful organizations is not to be found in the formulation of successful strategies, but rather in the successful execution of their strategies. I am even prepared to surmise that a mediocre strategy successfully executed is far better than a superior strategy not being executed.


However, there is a singular key that unlocks the secret of successful execution of strategies: The key to converting strategic intent into strategic execution is strategic alignment – the measure in which employees are enabled to align what they do on a daily basis as well as how they do what they do to the strategic intent of the organization. The term strategic alignment presupposes that there is a strategic line – a clear overall strategic direction, intent, and a set of desired outcomes – a line that business units, divisions, and eventually every individual can align their actions to. The second implicit assumption of strategic alignment is that everyone is aware of this strategic line and that it is sufficiently “visible” for alignment to take place. The only way in which true strategic alignment can be achieved in any organization is through a shared mental model of leadership for strategic alignment.


Against this background, STRATEGY et al will be launching a new series of powerful in-house leadership short courses developed by Dr Gustav Puth for top management, line leaders, and functional groups of line leaders and their followers. The courses are presented in collaboration with the Department of Business Management, University of Pretoria and certified by Enterprises UP.




Executive Keys to Strategic Alignment

  • A one-day in-house course aimed at the executive management of an organization.


Dates: 30 August 2016; 27 September 2016; 01 November 2016


Leadership for Strategic Alignment

  • A two-day interactive and participative in-house course for all line leaders.


Dates: 16 – 17 August 2016; 13 – 14 September 2016; 18 – 19 October 2016


Leadership in Four Dimensions

  • This one-day in-house course is aimed at leadership groups operating at the same level in the organisation and entails the overlay of three four-dimensional leadership contexts.


Dates: 06 September 2016; 11 October 2016; 08 November 2016


Diversity and Team Dynamics

  • This is a one-day interactive and participative in-house workshop for leaders and their functional teams.


Dates: 23 August 2016; 20 September 2016; 25 October 2016




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