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June 8, 2016
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This is quite an historic moment: The launch of the BRAND et al blog!

The practice and tradition of documenting things, events, and personal thoughts and experiences is as old as humanity itself. In fact, without such endeavours, we would have no record of the existence, trials and tribulations, but also of the remarkable accomplishments, of the human race. One could say that the act of recording is a natural human activity. Even on the individual level of keeping diary entries, or journaling that became so popular during the 1990’s, we have been afforded the opportunity to put ourselves in the shoes of those who were prepared to record their mental, emotional and experiential thoughts, initially largely through the discovery of such documents after their death in many instances. How much poorer would we be if, for instance, we did not have access to the diary of Anne Frank and others like her!

However, with the advent of the worldwide web and all of its social communication platforms, this typical human need to record their own thoughts and opinions was catapulted into a totally new dimension. The term “social media” in itself bears the connotation of SHARING or ENGAGING. The convergence of the human need for recording and the social nature of these new generation of media and platforms really gave origin to what we today accept as blogging without even thinking too much about it. The term “weblog” (web log) was coined by John Barger on 17 December 1997. The short form, “blog”, was coined by Peter Merholz, who jokingly broke the word weblog into the phrase we blog. (Little secret: I got this from Wikipedia!)

At BRAND et al we unashamedly position ourselves as an intellectual rendezvous and we maintain that both strategy and creativity happen between the ears. So, today we are casting out the bait: We would love to engage with anyone who has a passion for business and marketing strategy, people who are interested in the entire process of originating and implementing great strategies as the foundation of great organisations with great brands. And if it comes to that, we would also be prepared to engage with you on mediocre or poor organisations and brands.

So, let’s hear from you and feel welcome to meet with us in our intellectual rendezvous!

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